Whether you've dreamed of being onstage or are already on your creative journey, reading "How to Act Like a Kid" is a must! Henry knows his stuff and has written a book that's revealing, practical, inspired, and most of all, a little bit magical - which is what we hope the theater can be. I only wish I'd had this book when I was "acting like a kid".
 - Andrea McArdle, Broadway's original Annie

Henry Hodges and Disney's Book, "How to Act Like a Kid" takes you behind the scenes of professionally working in the Theatre, told through Henry's many amazing theatrical experiences -  Regionally all the way through to the bright lights of Broadway! 

Take a look at what Broadway's leading Professionals have to say about Henry's book:



Henry Hodges blows me away. Not only is he the most talented young actor to have appeared on Broadway in decades, he's the smartest as well - a star in every regard. This book is a must-read for any kid who loves theater and dreams to be a part of it.      
 - Thomas Schumacher, President, Disney Theatrical Group

This is not just a how-to book for young actors. It's also the story of a brilliant young actor coming of age. Henry Hodges is one of the most wonderfully creative actors I've ever worked with. I highly recommend this charming and informative guide to anyone who is interested in a life in the theater. No one could give you better advice on the subject than Henry Hodges.
 - Rebecca Luker, Tony Award-nominated star of Mary Poppins on Broadway
Henry's tale is incredible: not merely dreams coming true, but raw talent, hard work, determination, wonderful training, incredible support, and passionate dedication - a "how too" for aspiring artists of all ages, whether their dream is the Great White Way or their local playhouse down the street. 
 - Nicholas Rodriguez, Broadway Actor and Artistic Director, Broadway Dreams Foundation
Who better to write about being a child actor than a child actor? Henry's advice on acting is not just tips and pointers for young actors but sage advice for the veteran thespian.
 - Matthew Modine, stage and film actor
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